Paz, Tel Aviv Promenade

Paz Promenade

Tel Aviv


The project is located adjacent to the Tel Aviv Promenade overlooking the sea.
Its proximity to the sea and its high visibility required a design which could address several objectives at once: create a structure which is efficient both in structure and program, and produce an icon which is visually present from the promenade.
The station is designed as a light-weight metal structure, able to withstand both the prevailing sea-side winds and the humidity and saline qualities of the site.
The inspiration for the design is drawn from boat sails, translating their three dimensional characteristics as a performative quality for the shading the ground floor below.
Similar to sails the design is based on a tensile structure held together with cables.
The station offers a program tailored for both the visitors to the boardwalk, and to the customers of the station.

Client: Paz

Lot Area: 700 m2
Building Area: 550 m2
Phase: Concept


Project Images