Masarik 6, Bat Yam

6 Masarik St.



A project which is part of an urban renewal process in the city of Bat Yam. The project involves the demolition of an existing 3 story building dating from 1971. The new building will consist of 3 underground parking spaces and 8 residential floors, adding a total of 23 units to the existing 15 units. The unit sizes present a diverse mix and includes 2-5 room apartments ranging from 55m2 to 120m2.

Since the building lot is in close proximity to the sea, the design of the building incorporated climatic considerations that defined the size of the openings, the utilization of many shading elements and the choice of building materials and finishes. In addition, the three-dimensional design of the building produces a material and volumetric distinction between the existing tenants’ floors and the new floors, in a way that epitomizes the identity of the original building residents in face of the new building units.

Lot Area: 852 m2
Building  Area: 5945 m2
Phase: Construction

Project Images