Eilat City Hall

Eilat City Hall



The project is for the design of the municipal building in the southern city of Eilat.

It is based on three main guiding principles:

  • coping with the hot and dry climate existing in Eilat.
  • transforming the city hall and its surrounding square into an active and vibrant space throughout the entire day.
  • linking the city hall to its surrounding urban context, both spatially and through materiality.

In order to sustain these principles the building is designed as a simple form, slit throughout in order to allow the offices to face shaded inner courts and provide shaded circulation. The slits face the prevailing winds creating corridors cooled by the breeze while still allowing natural daylight. The building is raised above the square, shading the spaces underneath it and thereby providing different activities screened from the sun. The square itself is a continuous ramp linking the city with its new civic center. The areas underneath the square serve as commercial spaces linking the adjacent streets. Red sandstone which is characteristic to the area is used to clad the square and building, connecting them with the surrounding Edom mountains.

Client: Eilat Municipality

Lot Area: 9,000 m2
Building  Area: 15,000 m2
Phase: Concept

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