Educational Campus Ef’al

Educational Campus

Ramat Ef’al


The starting point for the project were the existing fields occupying the proposed site. These fields, on which vegetables and flowers are grown, preserve an agricultural island of greenery in the middle of a dense urban area. In order to tie the campus with the site on which it is planned, it was decided to maintain these fields and use them as a conceptual catalyst for the design. The school is comprised of five separate “fields of knowledge”, and each of these receive their own designated field with specific attributes and characteristic features. The buildings in each of these fields sit parallel to each other echoing the flower and vegetable beds existing on the site today. Between the structures greenbelts with landscaping unique to their field of knowledge are maintained. The class workshops can be opened up and expanded into the green spaces, thus blurring the sharp division between class and outdoor space.

The fields of knowledge of the school define the public spaces and create urban green areas open to all residents of the area. People walking along the central boulevard pass through the different fields of knowledge and their green spaces in between.
Apart from preserving the site as a green lung which helps to reduce urban heat islands, the building typology based on greenbelts allows for ample natural lighting which saves energy, while the incorporation of wide roofs and planting shade the facades throughout the day. The open facades of the buildings towards the outdoor green spaces allows natural air circulation throughout most of the year.

Lot Area: 13,000 m2
Building Area: 15,000 m2
Phase: Concept

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