Dvora Ha’Nevia B

Dvora Ha’Nevia B

Neve Sharet, Tel Aviv


An urban renewal project in Neve Sharet, which includes the construction of 200 housing units in 10-story buildings, replacing the existing housing projects containing 64 units.

Apart from residential uses the project includes commercial areas and public areas with open spaces. Along the Tzanhanim Street, an urban walkway is planned which defines the ground floor as an active commercial axis and a primary urban street. The plan includes the preservation of the trees in the central part of the complex and its transformation from residential use to public open space. In addition, many parts of the plan are maintained as public areas to enable a public and active urban realm.

The plan was coordinated throughout with the current residents living in the area who fully support the plan and are interested in its advancement and construction.

Lot Area: 7,000 m2
Building Area: 23,000 m2
Phase: Zoning

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