Ben Yosef Street

Ben Yosef Street



An urban development project in the Armon HaNatziv Neighborhood in Jerusalem. The project is located on Ben Yosef Street which is one of the main residential thoroughfares within the neighborhood. Currently the street includes 8 existing structures with approximately 100 residential units. Instead of the existing buildings, 6 new 10-story buildings will be constructed, consisting of 400 units, commercial spaces and public amenities.

The proposed plan strengthens the urban aspects of the street and transforms Ben Yosef Street into a vibrant center. The urban character of the place is augmented by increasing the density, creating a mix of uses, adding commercial, public and recreational uses, while retaining the unique neighborhood character of the street today, as well as the existing population currently residing there. 

Lot Area: 10,000 m2
Building  Area: 45,000 m2
Phase: Zoning

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