“Tif’eret Yosef”

“Tif’eret Yosef” Synagogue

Tel aviv


The synagogue is located in the neighborhood of Neve Sharet in Tel Aviv and is planned for the local Iraqi community.
The synagogue is adjacent to an active commercial center, and its design is on one hand intended to produce an iconic facade, and on the other hand it supplements the existing public space.
The facades of the building were designed utilizing parametric tools, and their size and location stems from a climatic analysis aimed at reducing the heat gain in the interior spaces, while maximizing the amount of light during prayer times.
The building is surrounded by a colonnade which continues the covered walkway of the existing commercial center, thus allowing for a shaded continuous covered passage, enclosing and defining the perimeter of the central square.
The northern wall of the synagogue is planned as a green garden with shaded seating areas for the use of the general public and visitors to the commercial center.

Lot Area: 1,500 m2
Building  Area: 500 m2
Phase: Completed

Project Images