Lokey School of Management

Tel Aviv University

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Jaffa Street Residences

184 Jaffa Street, Jerusalem

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Tiferet Yosef Synagogue

Neve Sharet, Tel Aviv

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Digital Graffiti #2

Levontin Street, Tel Aviv

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Natural History Museum


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Archaeological House

Ramat Yishai

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o2a-studio is an award winning, interdisciplinary architecture studio which specializes in the implementation of new theories and construction technologies for the design of unique projects in various scales.

  • Einstein Bridge

  • “Tif’eret Yosef” Synagogue

  • Photo: Eli Posner, Israel Musuem

    Israel Museum – Bauhaus Exhibition

  • Tel Aviv University

  • Nes Harim Community Center

  • Yafo 184

  • Gav-Yam Logistics Park

  • Eilat City Hall

  • Masarik 6, Bat Yam

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